Look who I had dinner with this evening.



Today we are going to Myeong Sung Church. It has 30,000 members. It’s worship space holds 3,000. It’s a bit different from home! However there are many Churches which are more like home than I knew when I arrived here.


There are over 100 types of Presbyterian Churches in South Korea. Most are theologically conservative. They object to Biblical criticism and ecumenism.20161029_192713 All over the place there are Churches meeting. This sign has a list of Churches above shops


This is their logo.They are a Church very focused on social issues.  The circle symbolizes the whole world. The shape of the arrow the first character in their name. It represents progress, hope. Blue= freedom, hope. Purple= endurance, justice. White= tranquillity and purity. 20161028_151432


Memorandum of understanding between the PCK  and the URC. This is Rev Michael Jagessar and Rev Changbae Byun. URC and PCK big cheeses20161029_095405