This is the day Alice arrives. Hurrah. Oh and Wojtek another hurrah.

Two other hurrahs. Few people are sending out emails. Sometimes I can pretend I am a minister in the 1950’s.

The other hurrah is that there is the carol singing in the foyer today which is usually fun.

Apart from that there are visits and a bible study this evening. Great. A chance to really look at the story.


A trip to the gym, dinner and for the rest of the evening the mix of work and domestic jobs that mark the season. The challenge is to stop worhking so I can unwind and get to sleep.


How do you decide whether someone is called by God to be a minister of word and sacraments or not? Or a Church Related Community worker? We have practise interviews later. This afternoon we had a bit of free time. Trainers on. Headphones in. Crisp Autumn day in the lakes. Life is good.


Safely back in the UK. Flew through the day to Heathrow. Now doing training for assessing candidates for ministry in the URC’s centre in the Lake District. Had a brilliant night’s sleep.